Sugar Surfing(TM) – The Book, Mobile App & Conference Workshops

Introductory Video by Dr. Stephen Ponder – Sugar Surfing Pre Order Campaign

ADVANCE PURCHASE OF SUGAR SURFING THE BOOK AND MOBILE APP ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. As we get closer to availability we will inform you how to order the book, the eBook and the mobile app.

To register your interest in the Sugar Surfing book, ebook and/or mobile app plus share your conference location preference, please click on the image to complete a google form. In exchange for registering your interest you will receive a 10% discount on future purchases for a limited time.

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If you have already paid for your advance order during our Indiegogo campaign or via my Paypal link, all ordering information including shipping address and the name you want in the book credits will be confirmed by me prior to publication.

Sugar Surfing The Book from Stephen W. Ponder MD on Vimeo.

Stephen Ponder is a pediatric endocrinologist in Texas. My name is Kevin McMahon and in addition to being asked to participate as a contributing author, I am Dr. Ponder’s editor, publisher and fulfillment manager for the book “Sugar Surfing”, designer of the Sugar Surfing mobile app and I support all of his media and technology efforts. Dr. Ponder and I are also working on certification programs and to expand his hands-on educational workshops coming soon to a city near you. In the meantime, you can get inspiration and knowledge from Dr. Ponder on his facebook page while his new and improved website is under development.

4x4 sugarsurfingpromocard-smallAll proceeds from sales of the Sugar Surfing toolkit are used to further Dr. Ponder’s educational programs.

Thank you.